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Web Application Development

One aspect of business for Black Moon Web is web site and web application development. This is where Black Moon Web has the largest competition. While there are multiple companies who will do web sites based on common templates for much cheaper than Black Moon Web, we offer more options like Administration Panel access for each site, custom design and logo creation, database integration, and dynamic content which is editable and controllable by the client. Each site has it’s own security detailed by the needs of the client, and each site has it’s own unique design, not based on overused templates.

App Development

App development is a feature offered to enhance the client’s ability to stay competitive in their market. This feature is not included in web site development but may interact with sites created by Black Moon Web or a previously created site already in use by the client. Each application is engineered based on client need for application functionality.

Application Development

Application development is the largest section of Black Moon Web. This section covers both web accessible and stand-alone desktop applications. At current, Black Moon Web has four major applications in development and plans for more to be developed in the near future.


Black Moon Web offers multiple options for hosting your project. We are currently developing our own server facility, however until then we are partnered with Kansas based Wichita Data Centers. We also offer hosting at GoDaddy.com. Domain specific email and support are offered, as well as SSL certification. Backup servers are available in any of our locations. Let us find you the best solution for your hosting needs.