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A full web and application development center, Black Moon Web is a total resource for all aspects of digital marketing and creation. Our clients are able to utilize our services to create custom web applications, phone applications, logo design, hosting, and database design. From conception to deployment, Black Moon Web provides all your professional needs.

Our mission is to bring top quality web applications to businesses, expanding their web presence, giving them more growth options through client interaction, and bringing daily procedures to an automated platform.


Black Moon Web, a division of Phoenix112 LLC., is a company that focuses on development of new software and applications. Using multiple programming platforms including, but not limited to: PHP 7.1, Java, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby, we push the horizons of web interaction. Our programmers are the tops in their fields and our main focus and expertise is Internet security. Database development allows every Black Moon Web site to be controlled and updated by the client, eliminating the need for our programmers to take time from project development to do basic updating tasks.

Black Moon Web also utilizes years of graphic design experience with our head graphic artist, who has been awarded 2 Clio Awards for web design while working for local advertising agency AL&Z in Palm Desert, CA. His attention to detail makes every project crisp and clean, highlighting the flow of the content and grace of the design. With experts in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Flash, Black Moon Web brings top quality graphic arts to life in our projects and logo design.

Partnered with Kansas based web hosting company, Wichita Data Centers, Black Moon Web offers secure hosting for our web clients. Black Moon Web also utilizes Wichita Data Centers for our own applications and web presence for the time being, however, we plan on expanding the server department to host all in house applications both released, and in development, while still using Wichita Data Centers for redundancy purposes. Clients will have the option of hosting their sites with Black Moon Web directly, with Wichita Data Centers, or a redundancy system utilizing both locations.

Programmatic Architecture

Black Moon Web uses a wide array of programming languages to suit all your needs. From Responsive websites to fully integrated web and phone apps, Black Moon Web will find the option that fits you the best. Here are some of the programming languages we use to acheive your business goals...

Server Architecture

Our server system is comprised of multiple locations with a few partners to bring you the best security possible. Running on Linux platforms such as Ubuntu, Fedora and FreeBSD, Black Moon Web employs an Apache based server system with Tomcat for Java applications, as well as Rails for the Ruby applications. Database sites and applications are driven by MySQL and Oracle to ensure full productivity and security, and all sites and apps are available for SSL certification creating a more secured and trusted location.

Colocation and redundancy servers, as well as backup servers are also available for any project.